Friday, May 4, 2012

Today is the Day!

Ok, packed and ready to depart for China.  Obviously there is some nervousness, but the people helping me in Changsha have been very warm and accommodating.  My Mandarin teacher, Manqiong Xiao, gave me a Chinese name, so from here on out you can call me 剀文, which in pinyin is Kai Wen.  She told me that the Kai doesn't really mean anything in particular, but apparently it always coincides with something good.  The Wen is kind of any adjective meaning "cultured" or something like that.  So, I'm "good" and "cultured," which is probably making those of you who know me chuckle right now.  I do think the name sounds a great deal like "Kevin," so that's good.  The pinyin for professor is "jaioshou," which is pronounced like "jow" and "show."  I will instruct my students to either call me Kai Wen, or Kai Wen Jiaoshou (Professor Kai Wen).  Anyway, it should be a long flight on Korean Airlines (one of the best airlines in the world according to Jee-Young and Johnny).  Not that they are biased or anything :)  I fly direct from Vegas to Seoul and then to Changsha, where someone will be picking me up, driving me to my place of residence, and then taking me on a tour of campus.  Then, I'll crash from the severe jetlag.

I probably packed too much.  Jee-Young told me to pack and then when I'm done to take out half the clothes and then double the amount of money I bring.  

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