Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spiders...why did it have to be spiders!

Ok, I have to do a special blog post dedicated to the spider incident.  My floors are a slippery wood and I kicked one of my shoes accidentally and it went way under my bed.  When I pulled the bed out to look for it, a gigantic spider (I think it was a tarantula because it had fur on it) scurried up the wall.  It was a fast sucker too.  I screamed like a girl and called my new SUU friends upstairs to come down and take care of this problem for me.  I didn't want to smash it myself because I knew that there would be a ton of juice in this fat spider.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but the spider is now dead and they are spraying my room with some kind of chemical tonight.  I hesitated to post this one because I just know that Stacie is not going to want to come now.  We showed the people at the front desk this spider and they too thought it was the biggest one they had seen.  Just my luck, huh?  I've been here four days and I get a spider in my room bigger than anything anyone has seen.  Yuck.  Enjoy the pictures and I dedicate this blog post to my son, Ezra, who would have had a jar ready to catch this thing if he were here with me.

First sighting.

Time for a closer look, but not too close.  So grateful for the lens that zooms in.

He got from the place in the last picture to this spot in 2 seconds.  I'm worried he's going to jump off
of that wall right at me.

So fast he scurried out of the frame.

Chance to the rescue with his badminton racquet and a shoe.

Yes, we got him.  What do I mean "we?"  I'm such a coward :)

He's about half the size now that all the juice squirted out of him!

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  1. Awwww! I don't like this story. I feel like something is crawling on me now. Didnt marina use to tease you about another spider incident at moms house where you also screamed like a girl. Haha.