Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day in Seoul and Now Headed Home

Ok, there probably isn't much to write in terms of commentary here.  We pretty just went all over Seoul seeing the sights and taking pictures.  It's probably best just to write describe a bit of where we are and what we are doing in the captions.

An elevator takes us up to a cable car which then takes up to the top of the N Seoul Tower.  The tower sits on this peak in Seoul and supposedly has great views of the city. 
You can see the tower and the cable car the takes us up. 
I saw something similar in Zhangjiajie.  I guess the Chinese and Koreans are very romantic people.

Super hazy day.  The views were not that great.

The tower is a pretty green color at night and can be seen from many places in Seoul.

Jezreel wanted to have a donut party since there is a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner.

More food.  I can't believe how much food we are eating on this weekend.

Just a random door going nowhere.

Jee-Young at I at Gyeongbokgung Palace.  She wouldn't let me post any pictures on the blog showing her face.  So, here I am with the mysterious woman with the black visor.

The palace is a fairly large area with multiple buildings.  It was destroyed by the Japanese when they colonized and then rebuilt.  It was then partially destroyed during the Korean War and then rebuilt again.  Jezreel thought it was pretty amusing that so many Japanese tourists were roaming around the grounds with a tour guide.  We wondered what they were telling them.  Would they say: "This place used to be even more beautiful until we burned it to the ground!"

We got to see a recreation of the changing of the guards ceremony.  It was really interesting!

I love the look of the architecture here.

The king's throne.

This girl came up to me and pointed at her camera.  I thought she wanted me to take a picture of her with her friends.  But, she wanted to have her friends take a picture of her with the foreigners.

Hyunjin kept telling me: "You aren't doing it right.  Drop your knees lower."  I said: "I'm trying!!!!"

Love this shot.  Lily pads, traditional Korean building, typical looking mountain in Korea.  

I was born in the year of the rabbit.  Thought he needed an extra set of bunny ears.
I was excited to take a bite of what I thought was a Korean marshmallow.  Turns out it was a moist towelette for cleaning your hands before eating.

You see why I can't get a decent burger in Korea.  They have no clue!

This was in an older residential area in Seoul that's been preserved.  People still live in this area and the architecture looks like this.

I like this picture because you can see the old Korea with the new Korea.

Another good shot contrasting the old and new.

Jezreel and Hyunjin could not have been more hospitable.  We had such a great time! 
Standing in front of the National Assembly building.  The National Assembly is Korea's version of Congress.

I'm trying to look tough, but I can't quite pull it off.

The shot right after this is me falling, but I didn't include that one.  I like this one better.

The start of the sequence where I try Bundaegi, which is a steamed butterfly cocoon (yes, with butterfly included).  You can see my reaction if you scroll down.

I came so close to throwing up.  The taste was indescribable.  I kept burping it up during the day and even had to refrain from thinking about it.

I saw this and so badly wanted to have my kids with me.  They would have loved this park right on the Han river.

From the top of the 63 building, which used to be the tallest building in Seoul.  Wonderful views from up here.  We all thought it was crazy how far the city went in all directions.

Sign for the LDS temple in Seoul.

It was hard to get good shots at night, but we tried.

Jezreel agreed to take a picture in front of the temple with me, but kept saying "There better not be a guy waiting with pamphlets."

I didn't plan this, but a missionary from California who is working at the temple came up and asked who we were.  Really nice guy.  It was Sunday night in Korea, so the temple and vistors center were closed.

Not the best picture, but I like the spires, the moon, and Korean flag all in one shot.

I was surprised that the driveway going up to the temple was right off of this alley way.

Jezreel wanted to challenge me to a dart throwing battle.

I won!!!!  I did like this pig better, but it had a big rip in it, so I had to exchange it for another.

I sure got a great many stares on the subway ride home carry my pig with me.  The sacrifices I am willing to make for my little girl, Lucy!

Very typical scene in Korea.  They are so attached to their gadgets.  It's a little disturbing actually.

He is so jealous of my pig!

I'm taking such good care of my new friend.


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